TikTok’s MENA Songs of the Summer 2023

Dubai, September 05 2023 – All summer long, artists have been dropping some serious vibes and asking TikTok the ultimate question: “did I just write the song of the summer As #SongOfTheSummer hits a scorching 5 billion views on TikTok, these sun-tinged pop bangers have been bringing pure sunshine to the music-loving community

Whether users around the world have been living their Barbie dreams, giving a second chance to Cupid or being transported to the galactic realm that is Planet of the Bass, the summer’s biggest cultural moments have been popping on TikTok.

This year, our Songs of the Summer reflect the full spectrum of artistic talent on TikTok. From Doechii’s meteoric rise with What It is, Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers rocketing to success with globally trending song LALA, to the juggernaut that is Makeba by France’s Jain, our community has embraced a truly diverse mix of talent and sounds. As well as providing a platform for the world’s biggest artists to connect with fans, we’re proud to continue helping emerging artists all over the world to launch their careers, like the incredible story of Mae Stephens who swapped supermarket shifts for TikTok stardom, topping our global Songs of the Summer list with her smash hit If We Ever Broke Up.

In the MENA region too, TikTok’s summer jam is heating up with an electrifying lineup of top tracks that have taken the platform by storm. Even as temperatures soar, the TikTok community here have been grooving to the rhythm of some of the hottest tunes, and the results are in: The melodious 15-year-old hit Gharam by Saudi singer Rabeh Saqer is this year’s ultimate summer anthem across the region. Users on TikTok created videos using different versions of the song which amassed more than 350 thousand video creations across the MENA region. 

From the sandy dunes of Dubai to the bustling streets of Cairo, the rhythm of the region’s top summer hits have captured the hearts of millions. Here is the rest of the go-to soundtrack for the season, featuring top songs in terms of video creations by TikTok users in MENA. From soulful ballads like Asheq Majnoon by Mahmoud Al Turky to the energetic vibes of girls like me don’t cry (sped up) by Vietnamese artist thuy, the summer playlist sets the mood. Doo Doo Doo (Unplugged) by Jordan-based singer Llunr add a unique flavor to the mix, while the euphoric, carefree summer anthem Endless Summer by Alan Walker & Zak Abel and the catchy yet emotional tune If We Ever Broke Up by Mae Stephens – one of the most viral TikTok tunes this year – are a hit with hearts across the region. Wallah Eni Ashtaqtelak by Omani singer Juma’a Alaremy rounds up the list.

Moving to Egyptian songs that hit the summer vibes, here’s a rundown of top tunes that made it to the “Song of the Summer” list. Satalana by Abd El Basset Hamouda, Mahmoud El Leithy, Hamdy Batshan, Ali Rabee, Osos, and Hassan El Kholaey, premiered as the soundtrack to Baad El Shar movie then grew to become one of Summer 2023’s top hits and proved un-skippable this season. Shofto El Kamar by Mohamed Nour and Moustafa Amar, on the other hand, came to the list with its rather soothing melody to reflect the magic of moonlit summer nights. We all heard Ekhtyaraty by Ahmed Saad at some point this summer, and we can’t deny that it became the life of any summer party. Lastly, Lafeina El Donia by Muslim and Reda El Bahrawy soared to the top tunes list after a resounding success as the soundtrack to El BoaBoa movie.