The university of Dubai’s Internship Program Boosts Student Careers and Industry Engagement.

The University of Dubai Internship and Career Development Center is proud to announce that 61 of its exceptional students have embarked on their summer internships at various prestigious organizations in both the private and government sectors. The internships, which commenced in early June, are aligned with the students’ fields of specialization, providing them with invaluable practical experience and a platform to develop new skills.

The University of Dubai remains committed to equipping its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the competitive job market. The internship program is a crucial component of this mission, as it offers students a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitating their professional growth and preparing them for future career endeavors.

Throughout their internships, students are being actively engaged in real-world projects, enabling them to apply the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to practical scenarios. The feedback from both the students, field and their academic supervisors has been overwhelmingly positive, with reports of enhanced learning, skill development, and personal growth. This experience not only enhances their academic knowledge but also nurtures their interpersonal and problem-solving abilities, making them well-rounded professionals.

In the words of University President, Dr. Eesa Bastaki, “Internships play a pivotal role in shaping our students’ careers and opening doors for future employment opportunities. By bridging the gap between academic learning and practical industry experience, internships empower our students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, while also fostering vital connections within their chosen fields.

The University of Dubai remains dedicated to nurturing industry-ready graduates and fostering strong connections between academia and the professional world. The internship program continues to play a pivotal role in achieving this goal, empowering students to thrive in their chosen fields and making a positive impact on their future career trajectories

Internship and Career Development Center Director, Ms. Amina El Marzak, expressed her gratitude towards the organizations hosting the interns, stating, “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the companies and government agencies that have graciously welcomed our students as interns. Their commitment to providing practical learning opportunities contributes significantly to our students”.

One intern, Amna Obaid Mubarak, expressed her enthusiasm about the internship, stating, “Being a final-year student majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Dubai, my internship at The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has proven to be an invaluable experience. Working alongside industry professionals in TDRA’s dynamic environment has deepened my understanding of the telecommunications sector. The program also offered me a unique chance to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical application. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be part of TDRA’s internship program. The experiences gained during my time at TDRA will undoubtedly contribute to my future endeavors as an electrical engineer.”

This summer internship is an incredible experience for me. I have the opportunity to work on challenging projects and collaborate with professionals in my field. The practical skills I am acquiring will undoubtedly set me apart in my future career.”

intern, Saif AlShaer, majoring in Information System Security highlighted the impact of the internship, saying, “The University of Dubai Internship and Career Development Center has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to gain hands-on experience in my field of study at ENOC. I am grateful for the chance to work alongside industry experts and expand my professional network.

“It has been a very fulfilling experience for me to intern at Deloitte. Intern, Tala Zeinuddin, majoring in Finance and Banking said: “The Firm’s dedication to excellence and creativity in the accounting and finance field has given me insights and a greater comprehension of the complexity of this fast-paced industry,”

I sincerely appreciate the advice and coaching I am getting from the outstanding Deloitte professionals, Tala continued. Their consistent encouragement and commitment to my development have further encouraged my enthusiasm for my major in finance.  “I am also appreciative of the University of Dubai for providing me with a high-quality education which enabled me to perform well in my dialing training.”

Intern Hamad Almheiri said: “my internship at the General Directorate and Foreigners Affairs- Dubai (GDFRA) allows me to learn how things run at government entities. Researching innovative information security solution and performing ISS related tasks form a great part of my training activities and these will surely prepare me for what to expect in my future workplace”.

Another inter, Noora Alrais “Field training is the critical link between theory and practice for internship students, providing invaluable hands-on experience and deepening their understanding of their chosen field. My internship experience in the Dubai Police provided a real-world understanding of the complexities and importance of information security, reinforcing my commitment to safeguarding digital assets and upholding the trust of individuals and organizations. Working alongside dedicated professionals in a dynamic environment, I am gaining invaluable knowledge and practical skills that will shape my future career in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.