‘Jewels of the Emirates’ kicks off in Sharjah, showcasing Emirati excellence in gold and jewelry

Sharjah, June 1, 2023

The fourth edition of the ‘Jewels of the Emirates’ show commenced today (Thursday) in Sharjah, an event that has the distinction of being the first Emirati exhibition dedicated to diamond jewelry, gold, silver, pearls, luxury watches, and perfumes.

Hosted by the Expo Centre Sharjah with the support of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), the show is set to captivate visitors over its four-day duration, bringing together leading Emirati gold and jewelry design pioneers. It features over 100 exhibitors from renowned local brands specializing in gold, silver, diamonds, and precious stones.

Sheikh Majid bin Faisal bin Khalid Al Qasimi, First Deputy Chairman of the Chamber, inaugurated the exhibition in the presence of members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber and Expo Centre Sharjah, including HE Mohammad Ahmed Amin Al Awadi, Director-General of SCCI, and HE Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah. Also present were senior official and representatives of major companies and brands participating in the event.

Following the inauguration, attendees toured the exhibition, where they had the opportunity to view the latest jewelry collections and contemporary designs displayed by local companies. Visitors also interacted with numerous Emirati designers, listening to them explain their exceptional gold creations and unique designs, which align with current fashion trends while maintaining the authenticity of Emirati heritage.

Sheikh Majid bin Faisal bin Khalid Al Qasimi emphasized that the ‘Jewels of the Emirates’ show is a key component of SCCI’s strategic vision. “We look forward to bolstering the exhibition industry’s role in reinforcing the local gold and jewelry sectors, stimulating the trade of precious metals and gemstones, and elevating the UAE’s status as a global hub for these industries.”

Sheikh Majid added: “This event has successfully secured a leading position among local exhibitions that specialize in gold and jewelry. It has blossomed into a distinguished platform that magnetizes top local brands and Emirati jewelry designers.” “We’ve noticed a special enthusiasm among young people who are keen to participate in its activities annually. Their involvement is critical for the continued growth and evolution of this sector.”

HE Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, meanwhile, said: “The UAE led the Middle Eastern countries in the volume of gold sales during the past year, according to the ‘Gold Demand Trends’ report by the World Gold Council.”

“The volume of gold sales in the UAE witnessed a substantial growth of 33.1% in 2022, reaching 55.4 tons, up from 41.6 tons in 2021. These promising figures underscore the flourishing nature of our local gold industry.” Al Midfa said:

Given these promising statistics, Al Midfa underscored Expo Centre Sharjah’s commitment to continue supporting the local gold industry and trade. “The Centre has already established itself as a significant platform for trading gold, jewelry, and watches in the Middle East, attracting a plethora of renowned brands, merchants, designers, and craftsmen, all vying to enhance their presence in the regional markets.”

He lauded the impressive participation seen at the fourth edition of the ‘Jewels of the Emirates’ show, which not only showcased the most significant local brands but also featured a selection of elite small and medium-sized businesses and Emirati entrepreneurs operating within the gold and jewelry industry.

Spread over an area of 10,000 square meters, the exhibition’s pavilions have attracted a huge turnout of visitors, who were drawn to the remarkable display of exclusive and rare collections of gold works, the latest fashion trends in ornaments, natural pearls, and precious stones. Visitors also viewed the unique creations of Emirati designers, whose work reflected a distinct aesthetic sense, combining elements of ancient Arab and Emirati heritage with contemporary design lines.

The exhibition continues to welcome visitors on Friday from 3 PM to 10 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 1 PM to 10 PM.